Benefits of Sealing Tiles

04 Apr

One of the questions that homeowners have when buying new tiles is whether sealing tiles is a good idea. As much as a homeowner will prefer to seek advice from a contractor, the response they will get from one contractor may be different from that of another one. This is the reason why in this post, we will take you through the benefits of sealing grouts as well as what you need to know about choosing tile sealants.

One of the reasons why you need to seal the grout is that it give the tiles a new appearance. Besides, sealing tiles, make them more water resistant therefore not vulnerable to damage or discoloration. Using a sealant is vital as it protects tiles from stains caused by liquids such as wines. At times, you may think of using bleachers to remove the stains, however, some of these stains such as oils cannot be completely removed.

Another reason why you need to seal your tiles is that the sealants assist in keeping out molds. Molds tend to grow on warm and damp surfaces which can be between unsealed tiles. If you want to destroy the habitat of molds, you need to seal the tiles since they will prevent molds from growing in the spaces left.

Installing new tiles can be expensive, however, sealing the is way too far cheaper. Nowadays, the market is flooded with many grout sealants that are available at affordable rates. Unlike paints that take hours to completely dry, tile sealants are easy to apply and they dry faster.

As much as sealing tiles is vital, it is important to understand the factors to consider when choosing a grout sealant. First and foremost, before spending money on tile sealer products, you need to understand the tile type you have in your house. When choosing tiles, you need to note that they are all different in that they come in different color, size, shape and are not made from the same stuff. When searching for tiles, you can choose from ceramic, composite stone, natural stone, porcelain, and even glass. The type of sealant you will use on ceramic tiles will be different from that of porcelain tiles.

Now that you know the type of materials used in making the tiles you have in your home, you need to determine the type of sealant you will need. Though the market is flooded with sealants from different companies, the two major classifications of sealants include topical and penetrating. You can also click this website for more facts about pool, visit

Topical sealants are known to dry on the surface, thereby blocking any liquid from seeping through. Penetrating sealants at, on the other hand, use a different tactic, they sink into the pores of a tile and stopping any liquid from filling up the micro-holes and fissures.

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